Kaba EF180 Digital Rim Lock

The Kaba EF180 is a rim lock style of digital lock and will fit majority of doors.  Coming from a security background, Kaba locks offer higher level of security by having an additional Master (admin) password or requiring 2 factor security.  Compared to the EF280, this digital uses RFID (contactless key card) to unlock the digital lock.

Product Description

Programming the Kaba EF180 is easy with it’s voice prompts, it offers higher level of security by requiring a Master password (admin password) to be entered before settings can be changed.

Kaba EF180 Digital Lock Brief Operation Description

From the outside, you will have to swipe the panel to wake up the lock. From there you will either tap your RFID keycard on the card logo or enter a password to unlock the digital lock. Option to set for both keycard and password is possible.

On closing the door, you can set the latch to automatically lock the door or lock it yourself manually.

From the inside of the door, you can open the door by pressing a button or turning a latch to unlock the digital door lock manually. The digital lock will beep to confirm that the door has been locked.

You can enable a privacy mode where nobody will be able to unlock the door from outside even if they have the correct keycard or passwords for the Kaba EF180 digital lock.

Other Benefits Of The Digital Lock

Voice Prompts From The Digital Lock

The Kaba EF180 will guide you with voice prompts in English to help you along with setting up the digital lock.  This is available only in the setup or admin mode. Normal operations such as locking and locking will be with beeps.

Product Features

Brand Kaba
Model EF180
Battery Type 4 X AA, or 9V external
Security Keypad, RFID, Master Code
Keypad Unlock Y
Keypad Scramble Code Y
Admin/Master Code Y
RFID Card Unlock Y
Phone/NFC Unlock N
Fingerprint Unlock N
2 Factor Unlock Y
Manual Key Unlock N
Remote Controlled Unlocking N
Wifi unlocking N
Adhoc Mute Button N
Fire Tested By Factory Unknown
Fire Detection Unlock N
Privacy/No-Entry Mode Y