Milre MI-400S Digital Rim Lock

The Milre MI-400S digital lock will fit majority of doors and offers good value-for-money for a secure digital door lock solution using a close proximity RFID or keypad with scramble code unlocking protection.

Product Description

The Milre MI-400S is a rim lock (also called rim latch lock) type of digital door lock.

Milre MI-400s Digital Lock Brief Operation Description

From the outside, you can open the digital door lock by tapping a registered RFID keycard or by entering a preprogrammed PIN.  You have the choice to unlock the door with the normal beeper alerts to announce your entry back home or you can choose to unlock the digital lock quietly by pressing the mute button before unlocking the door. This is a good feature if you have to return home late at night and do not want to disturb your family members (especially if you know you’re home way later than you’re supposed to be)

On closing the door, you can set the latch to automatically lock the door in 2 seconds or lock it yourself manually.

From the inside of the door, you can open the door by pressing a button or turning a latch to unlock the digital door lock manually.  The digital lock will beep to confirm that the door has been locked.

You can enable a privacy mode where nobody will be able to unlock the door from outside even if they have the correct keycard or passwords for the Milre MI-400s digital lock.

Other Benefits Of The Digital Lock

8 Bar Battery Meter On Digital Lock

Unlike other digital door locks available in the market, the Milre MI-400S offers a 8 level battery indicator at the top, above the keypad. This helps to you estimate the amount of battery life left and gives you ample reaction time to replace the battery in the digital lock before it runs out.  Never be caught with a flat battery!

Using the supplied battery, the battery meter shows 8/8 even after 2 months of daily usage.

However, if you are a King Procrastinator, and the battery runs out, it is still possible to power the unit from outside using a 9V battery to unlock the digital door lock.

Fire Detection Unlock

Should the temperature within the house be unusually hot indicating a high possibility of fire, the digital lock will automatically unlock itself. This feature is not found in any other locks in the market at the moment.

Digital Lock Testing

Milre digital locks have been extensively tested to extreme temperatures to ensure proper operations regardless of environment.

Product Features

Brand Milre
Model MI-400S
Security Keypad, RFID card
Battery Type 4 X AA, or 9V external
Keypad Unlock Y
Keypad Scramble Code Y
Admin/Master Code N
RFID Card Unlock Y
Phone/NFC Unlock N
Fingerprint Unlock N
2 Factor Unlock N
Manual Key Unlock N
Adhoc Mute Button Y
Fire Tested By Factory Y
Fire Detection Unlock Y
Privacy/No-Entry Mode Y
Fire Detection Unlock Y
Privacy/No-Entry Mode Y