• Milre MI-400S

    Milre MI-400S
  • Kaba EF 280

    Kaba EF 280
  • Milre MI-450SD

    Milre MI-450SD
  • Kaba EF180

    Kaba EF180
  • Milre MI-350D

    Milre MI-350D

Digital Lock Singapore – Secure your home today

Full Digital Access

Full Digital Access

Secure your home easily with all digital access. From your gate to your door! Don’t bother bringing cumbersome keys out anymore!

Easy Key Replacements

Easy Key Replacements

Just buy compatible keys for your digital lock and key it in easily. No more incorrectly duplicated keys that doesn’t open the lock properly.

No more bulky keys

No more bulky keys

Most of us carry 3 keys with us, main door, gate, padlock. Digital locks allow you to open your door without the hassle of keys.  Say no to bulky key chains!

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

No more worries when you lose your keys. With digital locks, you can now remove the lost key from the digital lock and you will still be safe at home.


Digital Locks are fast catching on in Singapore. TheseDigitalLockSingaporeMilreMI400SInstall days,  some new projects offering digital door locks as default.

There are a wide variety of digital locks Singapore can offer and you will be spoilt for choice.  If you are unsure of which digital lock you need, just drop us a line and we will be glad to answer them for you.

Digital Lock Security Technologies

There generally 4 types of security technologies employed in digital locks in the market

  • Numeric PIN entry by keypad
  • Digital contactless key
  • Digital contact key
  • Biometrics – Fingerprint

All digital locks will employ at least 1 of the above unlocking technologies, many offer 2 ways of entry and some go even as far as 3 methods of unlocking the door.

Which Digital Lock To Go For?

DigitalLockSingaporeMilreMI430-450300noBGThe choice of a digital lock for your door goes far more than choosing the popular brands or the cheapest in town. You need to consider which system allows you to have the best convenience without sacrificing security.

Check out our range of digital locks on our product page now!