Digital Locks In Singapore – What You Need To Know Before Getting One

Digital-Lock-Singapore-MI350-600Digital locks are catching on in Singapore and beside going for what your neighbours are getting, there are some information you need to ask yourself before jumping into one.

How safe are digital locks?

Digital locks can be opened by one or more of listed below:

  • Inserting a card into the lock
  • Presenting a registered contactless card
  • Entering codes onto the keypad
  • Touching a registered digital onto the lock

It functions like a traditional lock, you need a “key” to enter.

In this case it is a digital key. However, unlike a traditional mechanical lock, it cannot be picked easily.  Check out the countless videos and tools readily available on the internet for lock picking.

Digital locks we feature on our site offers various types of security functions that ensures that the chance of someone getting past the lock is 1 in 100,000,000 (1 in 100million) for the keypad entry or 1 in 4,294,967,296 (1 in 4.2 billion) if the burglar is using a high tech hacking system.

Comparatively, you are about 8 times better chance in striking a million dollars Group 1 in TOTO (about 1 in 13,983,816)

There are only a few tries before the alarm goes off.

Why are digital locks safer?

There are various reasons why you need to change your traditional lock.

  • A tenant has moved out and you want to ensure the safety of the new tenant
  • You lost your keys or it was stolen by someone who knows your address
  • You suspect your keys have been duplicated without your permission

For whatever reasons, when you lose your keys to your home, getting a locksmith to change your locks takes time and you know how much effort it takes to swap out a key on the keyring.

With digital locks, you can do it the very instance you reach home!

Just delete the lost key or change the number for keypad entry all without breaking any nails.

How is the digital door locks installed?

The digital door lock is installed onto your door and uses its existing locking mechanism.

Depending on the door type and digital lock selected, additional holes may need to be made for the mechanism or wires to pass through from the inside to the outside.

If your door has raised designs or patterns on it, some of the designs may need to be cut off to accomodate the lock.

Once the digital door lock is installed properly, we will power it up, programme the keys and it’s done!

Unlocking or Locking The Digital Door Lock

Depending on the type of lock you have gotten, you either enter a keycode or present your digital key to the lock and it will authenticate the key and lock upon success.

Most digital door locks will lock itself when you close the door. For any reason you want to keep it unlocked or locked, you have the option to do so for most of our models.

Should power be down due to a blackout or flat battery, all our locks can be powered externally with an easy to buy battery.