Milre MI-430SD Digital Rim Lock

The Milre MI-430SD digital rim lock offers a whole new level of security with it’s changing keypad layout. It will be difficult for anyone to guess your key code by observing your finger position because the keypad layout changes!

Product Description

Milre continues their line of innovative digital lock line up with a changing keypad layout. Never be afraid of someone looking at your finger position or dusting the surface to pick up the numbers!

The Milre MI-430SD gives you 3 ways to unlock this digital lock.

Milre MI-430SD Digital Lock Brief Operation Description

Wake the digital lock up by pressing on either the wake or mute key. You can open the digital lock by either 1 of the 3 ways, which is – entering the correct key code, tapping a recognised RFID card OR pressing a digital key on the reader.

When you close the door, by default the digital lock will be set to engage the lock automatically, you can choose to override this in the settings.

From the inside of the door, you can open the door by pressing a button or turning a latch to unlock the digital door lock manually. The digital lock will beep to confirm that the door has been locked.

You can enable a privacy mode where nobody will be able to unlock the door from outside even if they have the correct keycard or passwords for the Milre MI-430SD digital lock.

Other Benefits Of The Digital Lock

3 digital lock unlocking methods

You can choose to disable either of the key card methods or allow to accept any of the 3 ways of unlocking.

Changing Keypad Numbering

The keypad doesn’t got from 1 to 9 in sequential order all the time. The numbers skip around and this provides a higher level of security compared to other available locks in the market.

Product Features

Brand Milre
Model MI-430SD
Battery Type 4 X AA, or 9V external
Security Keypad, RFID, DIgital Key
Keypad Unlock Y
Keypad Scramble Code Y
Admin/Master Code N
RFID Card Unlock Y - RFID & Digital Key
Phone/NFC Unlock N
Fingerprint Unlock N
2 Factor Unlock N
Manual Key Unlock N
Remote Controlled Unlocking N
Wifi unlocking N
Adhoc Mute Button Y
Fire Tested By Factory Y
Fire Detection Unlock Y
Privacy/No-Entry Mode Y