Digital Lock – Milre MI-400S Digital Door Lock (Rim Latch Lock)

Screen Shot 2015 08 09 at 5.34.55 pmThe Milre MI-400S digital lock can be opened by either a keycode entered on the capacitive touch panel or flashing a wireless keycard.

Key benefits at a glance:

  • Touch pad or smart card key entry for flexibility
  • Random security coding system to hide your actual code
  • 8 level volume control for the ideal setting
  • 1 touch mute button entry to you won’t disturb your family at night
  • External 9V battery backup in case you forget to replace your batteries
  • Built-in alarm system alerts people at maximum volume in case of forced entry
  • Auto relocking
  • Double locking that ensures that no one will be able to enter
  • Anti-panic releases the lock in the event you need to get out quickly

Each Milre MI-400S digital lock comes supplied with 2 keycards, additional keycards are available.

Up to 20 user cards can be registered. DigitalLockSIngapore-Keycard-600